The Happiness Project

What if we could apply the concept of increasing the sum total of human happiness to commercial enterprises?

What if we could define – and measure – what makes a ‘good’ business in exactly this way?

This is exactly what The Happiness Project is seeking to achieve. Between other projects, we at Culturise are collaborating to advance these ideas into a more rigorous and measurable framework.

To do this, we’re seeking to combine principles from a number of disciplines – evolutionary economics, normative ethics, psychology, and cultural theory.

In this context the notion of human happiness as a measurable utility has a very specific meaning. It’s not just that smiley-happy-warm feeling, although that’s important. It’s not just about the quality of experience, although that’s important too. It’s also about human wellbeing – physical and emotional – and lasting social and cultural goodness.

As with all our work, it’s about meaning.

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