It’s all about meaning

In a world of accelerating change, we believe there is a need for businesses to continually reconsider the big questions. Together we can work to discover the answers.

Our shared goal is to help organisations reframe the way they look at themselves in the mirror of culture and society, and find, measure, and communicate authentic meaning.

Culturisation is about:

  • Demonstrating a real and believable purpose – something that matters to people, not just to the architecture of the business.
  • Creating authentic experiences and connections with individuals and society in general.
  • Showing how what a company does can help people live better, more fulfilling lives.
  • Demonstrating a genuine social and cultural contribution.


  • Proving it.

Find and Create meaning

Sometimes meaning can be found – it is there, waiting to be recognised. Sometimes meaning needs to be created. We use workshops, online communities, ethnography, cultural analysis and a variety of other approaches to generate meaningful platforms for brands. And we take inspiration from the best thinking across the history of human culture.

Measure meaning

Of course all this can come across as just talk without some hard numbers behind it. Culturise adds the all-important layer of measurement (hard and soft, fact-based and research-based) to understand how a business’s purpose, beliefs, communications and behaviour can shift the dial on meaning.

Communicate meaning

We can collectively create rich and relevant content to support businesses and brands in their quest to be meaningful. These could be books, films, even adjunct products; all aimed at communicating and reinforcing an authentic cultural identity.